The Calhoun College Alumni Association held its final reunion for all classes  on June 24th 2004 at the General Classroom Building on campus. Thank you to those who attended. 

    The following announcement preceded the final meeting:  Zuck Residence Hall will be prepared for those who will want to spend the night. Please make you reservation before May 1st. You may contact Marilyn Kemp Vice President of the Alumni Association.

    The following are activities are planned for the reunion:

    A breakfast will be held at 10 AM. Retired Professor Lindstrom Murray is scheduled to give a speech and President Hatfield will introduce new graduates to the alumni association.

    Tours of the campus will be guided by the Alumni Association Officers every hour from noon through 4pm.

    Ambassador Richard Meyers will speak about Yemen at 12:30 in room 101 of the General Classroom Building.

    A catered lunch will be served at 1:00 at Zuck Residence Hall cafeteria.

    At 3:00, President Hatfield will discuss the status of campus with alumni and the impact of computerized courses on the future of the alumni association.

    The alumni band will perform a concert at 4:30.

    The closing banquet will be held at 6pm.

    Other activities will probably be added as the reunion grows closer.

    There was a mistake in the alumni bulletin and the reunion is not clothing optional