The Calhoun College campus was situated on a four block area of the city of Calhoun.  American Freedom College is all online.  The physical campus is in the process of being phased out. 

Therefore, there is no need to visit our campus. With our new internet degree program all college courses have been made accessible through the world wide web. Therefore, students never need to visit the campus.

The Administration and Technology Support Staff are the only functioning units on the physical campus and are housed in the
library which still operates solely for accreditation purposes. All professors work out of their homes. This allows the faculty to be comprised of some the world's top scholars.

The Administration and Classroom Building (now apartments)

While Calhoun is a diverse community with a many opportunities, the community that our students will be part of is not restricted to a small town. Our student community is the world. Location and time are no longer limitations for our students. They can be anywhere and work at their convenience.