Welcome to the American Freedom College Online.  Formerly known as the Central Internet College, we are one of the premier private colleges in the United States.  We embrace our  proud tradition of accepting no aid from any governmental agency and we sanction our  own programs through the NAAUCU.

    The school is dedicated to providing an excellent education to the leaders of tomorrow. Many of our graduates have gone on to prestigious careers in both the private and public sectors. We are proud to be in our 135th year of providing students a traditional conservative education. In 1999, Tsuc-Calhoun College was renamed Central Internet College (CIC).  After some further enhancements in 2006 it was reorganized into the American Freedom College (AFC).  You may see our college still referred to as Tsuc-Calhoun and CIC on this website.  Rest assured, while we are proud of our history, we are working on changing our website to better reflect our new operational goals.  

    There are several things that set American Freedom College (AFC) apart from similar institutions. Primarily, AFC has embraced new technological developments and created an extensive curriculum of web based course work. This allows students from every corner of the globe to study with our world class faculty.

    AFC has no affiliation with any particular religious denomination. This allows the college to stay on the straight path of traditional American conservative values with no interference from any outside source. For that same reason, the college cannot accept any financial aid from a governmental source of any kind. This guarantees our freedom and also provides that the college will receive first class students.

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